1. Law of National Education
  2. Undergraduate Studies
  3. Graduate Studies
  4. PhD Studies
  5. Postgraduate studies
  6. Professional reconversion studies
  7. Psycho-pedagogical training study programme
  8. Post secondary education
  9. Regulations of studies – Finalizing a study cycle
  10. Regulations of studies – Admission
  11. Legislation pertaining to graduation documents
  12. Legislation pertaining to the Recognition and equivalence of studies
  13. Legislation pertaining to student activities
  14. Legislation pertaining to student mobility programmes
  15. Research activities
  16. Ministry of National Education. Organizational and Operational Rules
  17. The operational setup of the Romanian Universities` Enrollment Registry
  18. Study in Romania
  19. University rankings
  20. Validation of research titles and positions
  21. Regulations on obtaining the habilitation certificate
  22. Election legislation
  23. Recognition of studies abroad
  24. National qualification framework. Legislation
  25. Financial regulations and policies
  26. Recognition and equivalence of MA/PhD university study domains
  27. Organization and setup of the National Council for Titles, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU)
  28. National Registry and Programmes of Adult Professional Development Providers
  29. Minimal compulsory standards required for granting didactic titles in higher education
  30. Euro 200 legislation
  31. Legislation pertaining to the organization of higher education studies
  32. Scholarship related legislation
  33. Legislation for the Allocation and use of funds for Institutional development (F.D.I.).
  34. Legislation for University Sports Clubs