Useful information and contacts

International Relations Office

Bulevardul Revolutiei no.77, Arad

Rectorate Headquarters, Ground floor, Room 15

Phone: + 40 257 283 010


Official Holidays

  • January 1-2 – New Year
  • January 24 – The Day of the Union
  • April 17 (2020) – Good Friday
  • April 19-20 (2020) – Ortodox Easter
  • May 1 – Labor Day
  • June 1 – Children’s Day
  • June 7-8 (2020) – Pentecost
  • August 15 – Assumption of Mary
  • November 30 – Saint Andrew’s Day
  • December 1 –National Day
  • December 25-26 – Christmas

Transportation in Arad

Public transport

Arad public transport is mainly based by trams. The transportation network covers an extensive area and services run late into the night.

Tickets and monthly passes can be bought at specialized CTP Arad kiosks. Tickets can also be purchased at specialized ticket machines installed in almost all tram stations. It is advisable to always have a valid ticket or a monthly pass because ticket inspections are frequent.

AVU students benefit from subsidized monthly passes or even free transport, in accord with national and local regulations.

Taxi companies

Taxis represent a faster and more comfortable way of getting around town compared to public transport. Although drivers are usually friendly, look for taxis with meters installed.

Check the taxi’s door for the price (lei/km).

Do not take just any taxi parked at the taxi station! Private taxi drivers can charge very high prices!

Choose a reputable taxi company (EUROPA, ARAD, VERBITA, ALFA etc.). Some of them also have online applications that you can use to call a taxi, such as Taxi Europa Client or Taxi Alfa Client.

Taxis are usually parked in designated areas, which are in the proximity of bus stations or other busy spots around town. When travelling outside city limits, you may be asked to pay a double fare per km (it is considered acceptable) or you can negotiate a fixed amount in advance.

Avoid taxis that do not display the company`s name on the door.


If you do not wish to reside in any of our student halls, you may as well rent an apartment in different districts of Arad, depending on where your faculty is located.

If you choose to rent an apartment, it’s advisable to contact a real-estate agency. They can provide you with information about the best offers on the market.

The cost of accommodation varies depending on type, location, size and facilities included, and usually range between 150-500 EUR/month/apartment. Typically, you`ll have to pay extra for all utilities: water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc., about 100 euros/month.

A deposit fronting the rent for the first three months is usually required. It will be refunded at the end of your stay, provided that you leave the apartment in good condition.

If you decide to rent an apartment, a signed lease contract is needed for the temporary residence permit application.


The Romanian official currency is the leu (plural lei). The exchange rate is established by the National Bank and is about 1 euro = 4.60 lei. It is advisable to exchange money in banks or at Exchange offices that are available all around the city.