Student Accommodation

AVU operates two student halls and a cafeteria located on Strada Ursului 2-4, Arad.

Student hall no. 1 offers 282 places with 4 bed student rooms and a shared bathroom for each floor. There is also a shared kitchen and laundry room (complete with a washing machine) on each floor. The Student hall is also highly secure - 24 h/day security guards as well as video surveillance system.

Student hall no. 2 offers 180 places. Each room has two beds and its own bathroom. There is also a reading room on each floor. Student hall no. 2 affords kitchen and laundry facilities, has a video surveillance system and entry is allowed only by access card.

There is also a parking lot with around 80 parking places.

Students from both halls can use the students’ cafeteria located nearby the two student halls. The accommodation fee includes 10 free meals; supplementary meals entitle additional costs.

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