Placement mobility programmes


This type of mobility allows AVU students to conduct an internship with a company, research institute, university or NGO from a different EU country. This particular type of mobility does not require a previous agreement to have been signed between the host institution and AVU. Thus, a student is free to identify and to contact whichever institution suits their needs best. The Erasmus+ Placement programme was developed so as to offer maximum freedom in choosing a place for a suitable internship.

The internship`s duration can vary between 2 (at minimum) and 12 months (at maximum). It can also take place whenever most convenient during the academic year, however it cannot start later than the 1st of August (additionally, the student must return by the 30th of September at the latest).

Financing is ensured through Erasmus+ funding. For the 2016-2017 academic year all students who take part in a placement mobility shall benefit from an extra 200 Euros/month. The amount is not further supplemented for those with reduced financial resources.

How to find a host company?


1. Directly contact an institution

2. Online; send emails to several organizations with a shared profile

3. With one of AVU`s partner universities

A useful resource for finding an internship according to your needs is

AVU students interested in securing an Erasmus + placement mobility must submit the following documents to the Erasmus+ Office:

• Proof of acceptance from the host organization (letter of acceptance, official invitation etc.)

• A certificate attesting the applicant’s student status (it must also include the grade average for the previous semester)

• C.V.

• Motivation Letter

• Certificate of Linguistic proficiency (English or the official language of the host country) or other equivalent diplomas

• Medical certificate

• Copy of the ID

• Signed statement that the applicant has not yet benefited from an Erasmus grant, or that the total duration of the previous internship has not exceeded 12 months/study cycle.