The "Aurel Vlaicu" University Editing House has as main development strategy, the promotion of scientific quality and the ensurance of an editorial production that fulfills the publishing standards of books and reviews, specific to the fields of study in our university. In this respect, we have a close connection to other editing houses from inland and abroad according to the Strategy of Editing House Development signed by the Senate of "Aurel Vlaicu" University. Moreover, the Editing House will structure its activity according to academic and quality requirements concerning the editing procedures and the increasement of scientific quality for all published volumes.


  • Arena-Journal of Physical Activities

      "Arena - Journal of Phisical Activities", (ISSN (print) 2285 - 830X and ISSN (on-line2392 - 8026), is the journal of the Faculty of Physical Education, from Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad. The aim of the journal is to encourage and promote young researchers in the large field of physical activities, sport or multidisciplinary fields.

              Also, magazine "Arena - Journal of Phisical Activities" (A-JPA), provides all those interested in the broad field of physical activities or sport and health through movement - (students, teachers, coaches, kinetotherapists, doctors, etc.) the opportunity of publishing original articles, following recommendations for authors , in a specialized publication indexed in international databases, such as: DOAJ, Index Copernicus, EBSCO  Sport Discus, World Cat, SCIPIO, Google Academic,  and other.        


  • Agora Psycho-Pragmatica

    E- ISSN 2247-2401 (online)

    Agora Psycho-Pragmatica is a biannual journal in Social Assistance and Psychology.

  • CONTUR - International Journal of Art and Design

    Revistă editată de Departamentul de Design, Comunicare Vizuală și Arte Aplicate al Facultății de Design din Universitatea „Aurel Vlaicu” Arad

    ISSN 2286 – 2544
    ISSN-L 2286 – 2544

  • Journal of Economics and Business Research

    Journal of Economics and Business Research(JEBR) is a biannual peer-reviewed journal edited by "Aurel Vlaicu" University Editing House, Faculty of Economic Sciences. JEBR is an open access journal.

    ISSN 2068-3537

  • Journal of Humanistic and Social Studies

         The Journal of Humanistic and Social Studies is a scientific publication issued by the Faculty of Humanistic and Social Sciences within “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad. The journal aims at developing inter-disciplinary and complementary research and cooperation between specialists, encouraging scientific and deontological rules. There are also appreciated, studies which prove a high level of novelty in the field of research and interest for innovation and originality.
  • Journal Plus Education


    ISSN: 1842-077X

    E- ISSN (online) 2068 “ 1151

    The Journal Plus Education/ Educatia Plus is a transdisciplinary journal that engages a wide spectrum of scholarship and welcomes contributions from the many disciplines and approaches that intersect Educational Sciences research (pedagogy, psychology, special psyhopedagogy and social work).

  • Scientific Bulletin of ESCORENA

    Scientific Bulletin of ESCORENA (online) = ISSN 2069 – 8070

    ISSN-L = 2066 – 5687 

    We offer free access to full text, free download

    Scientific Bulletin of ESCORENA is an international journal which publishes original and novel papers in the following directions: production of bast, seed, leaf, and cellulosic fibers, hard fibers, protein fibers; economic and technique aspects of sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and processing of natural raw materials; biomonitoring , remediation and bioremediation of soil, water and air quality; agronomy, horticulture and microbiology studies; climate change and air, water or soil pollutions.

  • Scientific and Technical Bulletin, Series: Chemistry, Food Science and Engineering

    Print Edition ISSN-L: 1582-1021

    Web Edition ISSN: 2668-4764 (on-line)


    Scientific and Technical Bulletin, Series: Chemistry, Food Science and Engineering (STB-CFSE) is an annual peer-reviewed, open access journal edited by Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection, "Aurel Vlaicu" University from Arad.



    Scientific and Technical Bulletin, Series: Chemistry, Food Science and Engineering publishes short communications, original research articles, and mini-reviews in all fields of chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, materials science and medicine dealing with biological/synthesized materials. The scope covers research which combines all the modern techniques and principles used for the description of biological and synthesized products and their functions and properties. Also covered are the design and development of new procedures/products, the implementation of biological/synthesized components and systems, the design of biocompatible objects and systems and the use of modern technology to support biotechnological processes. 


    The main topics of interest are: research and education in chemistry, physics, biology, food science and engineering, environmental science and engineering, materials science and medicine, sustainability devine

  • Scientific and Technical Bulletin, Series: Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automatic Control and Computer Science

    The Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automatic Control and Computer Science series of the Scientifical and Technical Bulletin of the "Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad will devote itself to the dissemination of the original research results, technical advances and new items in Electrical and Computers Engineering and in Knowledge Engineering.
  • Societal and Political Psychology International Review

    Societal and Political Psychology International Review

    ISSN: 2068-6315

    Political psychology studies overall the actions of people in society: power, democracy and totalitarianism, crises and revolts, political change, authority and charisma of the leaders, propaganda, political discourse and communication, psychological warfare and diplomatic action, electoral processes, social influence and collective memory, ideology and beliefs, racism, technological and geopolitical impact. All these topics, in edge of classical academic research, challenge the contemporary culture.

  • Teologia

    The “Teologia” review has appeared constantly since 1997, with a biannual rhythm, and then quarterly. The publication is desired to be a visible platform of expressing the dynamics of the scientific research of the teachers from the Orthodox Theology Faculty from Arad, being the very first one among the few magazines edited by an Orthodox Theology Faculty.

    ISSN 2247-4382; ISSN-L 1453-4789

  • Theory and Applications of Mathematics and Computer Science

    The Theory and Applications of Mathematics & Computer Science journal (ISSN 2067-2764; E-ISSN 2247-6202) publishes original papers of high scientific value in all areas of pure and theoretical applied mathematics and computer science, but giving a preference to those in the areas represented by the editorial board. In addition, the improved analysis, including the effectiveness and applicability, of existing methods and algorithms, is of importance.