"Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad continues the tradition of local higher education started with the Institute of Theology (1822), the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics (1947) and the Associate Engineer Institute (1972).

Type of institution: State University/ ARACIS Accredited
Established: 1972 (institute)/ 1990 (university)
Rector: Prof. PhD. Ramona Lile
Number of Faculties: 9 (hosting 32 undergraduate study programmes, 31 MA programmes and 3 doctoral programmes);
Number of Departments: 9
Number of research centers: 14
Number of Institutes: 3
Business incubators: 1
Total are of academic spaces: 45.900 m2.

B-dul Revoluţiei Nr. 77,
310130 Arad, România. P. O. BOX 2/158 AR

"Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad is a distinct academic community that operates in accord with the provisions of the Romanian Constitution as well as with the laws pertaining to higher education. AVU promotes and upholds all European conventions regarding higher education. The university employs a highly trained teaching staff and offers the best possible amenities for didactic and scientific related activities. At the moment the university hosts 9 faculties with 9 departments and 11 research centers, 3 institutes and 1 business incubator across 47.903 m2 of didactic spaces, state of the art computer labs, conference and lecture halls etc. The faculties` curriculum plans are corelated with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) so that diplomas issued within the EU as well as study periods abroad can be recognized. The Erasmus + programme offers students the opportunity to attend classes within a different university, either foreign or domestic. All ERASMUS + students are guaranteed complete academic recognition for their studies abroad.

Diplomas issued by the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research are valid abroad as well as nationally.

Our students are afforded with a great general academic experience through:

  • The possibility to obtain social, merit and study scholarships for both self-funded as well as government funded places. The scholarships cover all tuition fees.
  • The possibility to obtain study scholarship abroad and involvement in European projects (the university runs several study mobility projects) with countries such as Germany, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Finland, etc,
  • Subsidies for transportation, cultural and sportive events etc.,
  • Accommodation in student dorms, cafeteria services;
  • Free student camps;
  • Access to a great number of student activities organized by AVU`s Students` League