ERASMUS+ is a European Union sponsored programme which addresses the following general areas for the 2014 - 2020 timeframe: education, professional training, youth and sport; its objectives are the development of professional competencies as well as affording employment access by way of providing educational, professional training and other youth and sport related opportunities.

Erasmus + mobility programmes

Erasmus + mobility programmes are institutional projects which involve transnational partners. Pertaining to higher education, ERASMUS + can mean teaching, study, or placement opportunities (for students) and teaching or training activities for academic and auxiliary staff members.

Why Erasmus+?

• Personal, professional and social development by way of evolving new competences (skills, abilities and attitudes) within an international context;

• Improving the teaching - learning process for professionals working within the areas of education, youth and development;

• Learning or improving one`s foreign language skills (refining linguistic abilities);

• Understanding the importance of new cultures and countries, promoting an active involvement in the life of the community, in addition to furthering one`s acceptance of European values;

• Developing organizational abilities in the context of European and international cooperation;

• Establishing ties between formal education, non-formal learning and professional development;

• Creating new labor market related entrepreneurship networks.

Erasmus+ Office


Bulevardul Revoluţiei, N0. 77 (Building D) Rectorate headquarters

  • +4 0257 280 702 int. 4110
  • +4 0257 280 702 int. 4110

Rectorate, Room 8

B-dul Revoluţiei no. 77,

310130 Arad, Romania,

P.O. BOX 2/158 AR

Telephone: +40-257-283010,

+4 0257 280 702 int. 4104

Fax: +40-257-280070

Institutional Erasmus Coordinator: Gerlinde KNAP

E-mail: bpc@