Admission information for non-EU citizens

Citizens from EU third countries can apply to any of the study programmes offered by our university provided that they meet all the requirements stated by the legislation and in force as well as the university’s internal regulations.

Step 1 – Choose your study programme
Step 2 – Contact us and apply for your desired higher education programme

Admission calendar:

01.04.2020 - 13.09.2020

Necessary documents for the admission

  1. Application form – all requested information filled in entirely in 2 samples (please specify if you want Preparatory Year or not);
  2. The study documents – legally certified copies and translations of High School Diploma (and of Bachelor Diploma if the candidate applies for Master studies); The Master Diploma as well for candidates who want to follow a PhD study programme);
  3. Copy of the certificate – attesting the promotion of the Highschool/Bachelor/Master examinations for graduates of the current academic year which do not possess the original Diploma for the time being (if the case);
  4. Transcript of grades - legally certified copies and translations – for the completed studies (High School and Bachelor) and the analytical curriculum in case of candidates that request equivalence for certain periods of studies;
  5. Copy of the certificate attesting the graduation of the Preparatory Year in Romanian language or the linguistic competences (English, French, German) (according to language of the study programme which will be followed);
  6. Birth certificate - copy and legally certified translation;
  7. Copy of the passport – valid at least 6 months after the date when the Letter of Acceptance to studies is issued;
  8. Copy of the document attesting the residency abroad (if the case);
  9. Medical certificate (in a widespread international language) to prove that the person to be registered for studies does not suffer from infectious incompatible with the future profession;
  10. Complete contact data: postal address, e-mail address, phone number.

The above documents must be sent to the following address:

Universitatea “Aurel Vlaicu” din Arad

Office for International Relations

Postal address: Bd. Revolutiei, nr. 77, Arad, Romania


The AVU admission committee shall assess the file containing the above documents and, if the file is complete and meets the admission criteria, shall send it to the Ministry of Education, who will then issue the Letter of Acceptance.

The original copies of the Letters of Acceptance shall be picked up personally by the legitimate holder or by another person entitled to do so based on a Power of Attorney issued at a notary public in Romanian or in a widely spread language. In case the Letters of Acceptance will be picked up by an employee of a delivery firm, the receipt provided by the delivery firm will serve as a Letter of Attorney and the responsibility will fall under the candidate and under the delivery firm.

Once the non-EU citizens have received the Letter of Acceptance, they should proceed to the following:

- Create the admission application file by certifying / legalizing prior diplomas / documents from the relevant authorities;

- Apply for student visa in the country of origin at the diplomatic mission;

- Pay the tuition fee for the entire academic year;

- Make proof of financial means;

- Find accommodation, whether in AVU’s student halls or by renting an apartment;

- Buy health insurance, if needed.

Upon arrival, please visit the Office for International Relations of AVU. You will be guided to the faculty where you chose to study in order to complete the enrollment process. This involves the signing of the contract of study with the university and the submission of the following documents:

- copy of the Letter of Acceptance issued by the Ministry of Education;

- original documents of study and certified translations,

- copy of the passport with the study visa,

- copy and certified translations of the birth certificate,

- medical certificate (in Romanian or English) to prove that you do not suffer from infectious incompatible with the future profession;

- 2 photos, 3 x 4 format;

- proof of payment of the tuition fee.

All these documents will constitute your personal file as a student of AVU. At the end of the study programme, you will be able to recover all the original documents submitted at enrollment.

The Romanian Language Preparatory Year for non-EU citizens

For the Romanian Language Preparatory Year, the admission procedure and the documents to be submitted (except for document no. 5) are the same as mentioned above.