Obtaining a Romania Student Visa

If you are a citizen of a non- EU or non- European Economic Area country and wish to study in Romania, you must first register with your chosen educational institution and be accepted for studies.

Subsequently, a long stay study visa must be obtained from either the Romanian diplomatic mission or consular office in your country.

A long-term study visa may be applied for by future undergraduate, graduate or PhD candidates; student exchange programme participants are also eligible. Your elected institution of higher education can be either public or private, however it must be accredited in accord with all legal requirements. A student visa may also be granted to those foreign citizens who are accepted for studies based on international agreements ratified by Romania.

In order to obtain a long stay student visa - as either an undergraduate, graduate or PhD student- the application file must include the following documents:

  • a valid travel document, acknowledged by Romania, to which a visa can be affixed. The validity of the travel document must exceed the validity of the visa applied for by at least 3 months and must have been issued no later than 10 years prior;
  • two recent 3 x 4 coloured photos;
  • proof of acceptance for studies issued by the Ministry of National Education, indicating that the applicant will be a full-time student;
  • proof of the tuition fee payment for at least one year of studies;
  • proof of means of sustenance - must amount to at least the minimum domestic monthly gross salary and should cover for the entire period specified in the visa;
  • criminal record certificate or other document with the same legal value;
  • travel medical insurance covering the entire duration of the stay, with a coverage of at least 30.000 EUR;
  • if underage, parental or guardian consent;

Long stay study visas must be requested at least two months prior to the departure and are granted for a period of 90 days, with one or several entries allowed.

The visa processing fee is 120 EUR - or the equivalent in convertible currency.

For more information, please see Brief Guide – Lodging Study Visa Applications for Romania.