The name "AUREL VLAICU" UNIVERSITY OF ARAD refers to the institution of higher education registered in Arad County, Bulevardul Revolutiei no. 77. It is also a registered trademark by Certificate of Registration No 54850 issued by The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks and it is legally protected under Law no 84/1998 which stipulates that educational services can be delivered only by this institution under the above mentioned name on Romanian territory. Besides the name, the trademark also includes a logo displaying a shield that represents the insignia of a medieval town with the letters AVU Arad inscribed on it.

Main Contact Address:

B-dul Revolutiei no. 77

310130 Arad,România, P.O. BOX 2/158 AR

Phone :+40-257-283010, Fax:+40-257-280070
Email: rectorat@;