AVU`s Mission statement

AVU`s mission and objectives (fragments extracted from the 2015 University Charter) 

AVU`s mission is to generate and transfer knowledge towards society in those university study areas for which it has been authorized/accredited

  • Its mission to generate knowledge is accomplished through scientific research, development, innovation and technological transfer, artistic creation and sport performance as well as by capitalizing on, and disseminating findings related to these specific activities
  • Knowledge transfer is achieved through an initial formative stage which is then further developed at a graduate and postgraduate level. Through the academic programmes on offer (be it MA/MEng, PhD etc.), its continuous education for adults programmes, research and didactic staff formation etc., AVU actively participates in the lifelong educational process and in the professional reconversion of the workforce. Knowledge transfer is achieved in the spirit of democratic values and human personality development.
  • The development of professional competences is achieved in the following areas: Vehicle Engineering, Systems Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management and Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Food Engineering, Rural and Agricultural Development, Language and Literature, Administrative Sciences, Communication Sciences, Theology, Business Administration, Finances, Management, IT, Mathematics, Social Work, Psychology, Educational Sciences, Physical Education and Sports, Visual Arts, Sociology and associated educational domains
  • AVU assumes its “engine for regional development” fundamental role and acknowledges its important cultural and civic function within the community it belongs to.
  • Organizing and conducting postgraduate programmes of development, improvement and continuous formation, the professional reconversion of specialists with university education in order to develop and form new competences, capabilities.

AVU`s fundamental role is accomplished by way of:

  1. Devising an educational plan for the young generation that is to ensure on one hand, specialists in various fields of activity and , on the other to form active citizens that are socially responsible towards educational, cultural and social values;
  2. Involvement in the local, national and international cultural and socio-economic environment by way of promoting a principle according to which the university itself is an answer to certain social necessities and is integrated in the environment having the role of a developmental, progressive and visionary, engine;
  3. Creating an educational system which is to ensure labour force flow within the EU and which is to provide graduates with both real employment chances in a competitive market and an opportunity to assimilate European cultural values;
  4. Implementing a modern quality assurance system related to educational services.

AVUI`s main objectives for accomplishing its mission:

  1. Continuous modernization of the educational process by updating the curricular plan and didactic methodology in order to promote a modern and competitive education in accord with the requirements for change and improvement of the Romanian society;
  2. Implementing a university management programme based on modern quality assurance principles and global financing that is compatible with the transferable credit system;
  3. Perfecting the implemented quality management system in accord with the principles of total quality management in order to increase the efficiency of didactic activities, scientific research as well as administrative services
  4. Updating the methodology for assessing and recognizing studies by way of using internationally recognized and verified higher education specific systems;
  5. Organizing continuing education specific activities for specialists in higher education/colleges, arts and technical areas;
  6. Modernising the training methods for the staff involved in research and educational areas;
  7. Developing scientific research as well as creating research specific structures needed for a highly significant education; participating in accomplishing relevant sci3entific projects;
  8. Promoting scientific research, technological development, educational innovation as well as scientific and technical creation programmes by way of either own funds or national and international cooperation;
  9. Basing teaching staff promotion on scientific and didactic proficiency in accord with principles of professional ethics;
  10. Participating in didactic international programmes by way of bilateral conventions with prestigious European and other international universities;
  11. Developing and offering support for internal and international collaboration activities;
  12. AVU should be an integral part of the country`s cultural and scientific development;
  13. Developing IT and communication services;
  14. Modernising student services offered throughout the educational process;
  15. Protecting the patrimony and developing AVU`s infrastructure;