Administrative Council

Administrative Council

  1. Rector: Prof.univ.dr. Ramona LILE - Preşedinte
  2. General Administrative Director: ec. Florin HĂDAN
  3. Vice-rector: Prof.univ.dr. Alexandru POPA
  4. Vice-rector: Prof.univ.dr. Codruta Simona STOICA
  5. Vice-rector: Conf.univ.dr. Teodor Florin CILAN
  6. Student: Emilian Manciu

1. Faculty of Theology:

2. Faculty of Engineering:

3. Faculty of Economics:

4. Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection:

5. Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Work:

6. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:

7. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport:

8. Faculty of Exact Sciences:

9. Faculty of Design:

  • Dean: Prof. PhD. Claudiu-Emil IONESCU

Permanent guests

Ș.l.dr. Sergiu Erich PALCU –AVU Syndicate representative

Gianina-Daciana IGNUŢA – attorney at law

Bellow you can access (in Romanian) the Regulation and Operational Procedure of the Administrative Council.