Administrative Council


Executive management

Vice-rector (academic affairs and quality assurance): Alexandru POPA

Vice-rector (scientific research): Codruţa STOICA

Vice-rector (institutional transparency and international relations): Teodor - Florin CILAN

Rector`s Message:

“Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad is an institution of higher education pursuing its educational and scientific research mission,one that it steeped in the European ideal of a society centered on knowledge;in short, we aim to be a

university for the third millennium. This imperative is a personal argument of mine for becoming rector; with the aid of the institution`s managerial team and together with the 9 faculties hosted by the university and its entire academic staff we strive to create a dynamic academic life based on quality standards in accord with the present demands of the socio-economic and cultural environment. At the same time, our paramount aim is the quality of the services provided for each of the three educational levels included in the Bologna programme, an objective achievable only with the joined aid of teachers and students alike. I believe that only together can we stand a chance in today`s competitive environment.


Prof.PhD. Ramona LILE