Obtaining the Student Residence Permit

Obtaining the Student Residence Permit

Upon entering Romania, one must obtain a residence permit; this certifies your right to stay in Romania and can be obtained from any of the territorial units of the General Inspectorate for Immigration. In order to attain a residence permit, an undergraduate, graduate or PhD student must personally submit a number of documents, at least 30 days prior to the visa`s expiry date.

These are:

- application

- border crossing document (passport, travel document, etc.) original and duplicate;

- letter of acceptance for the studies – only required on the first extension of the right to stay;

- certificate issued by the host educational institution proving that you are enrolled as a full-time student with a public or private, accredited or provisionally authorized, institution of higher education;

- proof of means of support amounting to at least the minimum gross salary per country guaranteed in payment for a period of at least 6 months;

- proof of legal ownership of living space (original and copy;)

- medical certificate;

- fees.

Romanian state scholarship beneficiaries are exempted from all residence permit related taxes.

The temporary residence permit for study purposes may be extended for a maximum of 6 months after the graduation date, if required for administrative purposes (university issued documents) or for the completion of the study cycle.

Foreign students who have not graduated in due time, may be further granted a residence permit extension in order to allow for the completion of studies – the extension cannot exceed a year.

The residence permit must be renewed at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of the previously issued one.

Furthermore, the temporary residence permit for study purposes may be extended for an additional 9 months after the graduation date for job, employment or business purposes; case in which the submission of the documents attesting the completion of studies is compulsory.

Foreigners holding a temporary residence permit for study purposes can be legally employed based solely on an individual part-time employment contract, that allows 4 hours per day shifts.

For further details, please see the General Inspectorate for Immigration`s webpage: http://igi.mai.gov.ro/en/conte... or contact the Arad County Immigration Bureau.

Arad County Immigration Bureau

Address: Str. I. Calvin, no. 15-17 Arad

Phone 0257-207100 ext. 20 291, 2292, 2294

Fax 0257-253151

Email: ar.igi@mai.gov.ro