UAV invites you to join the European Researchers` Night


As each year, Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad will be the local host for the famous European event that brings science closer to the general public. On the 30th of September from 17.00 -20.00 the m...


18th of September, an important day in the life of local orthodox theology


Several hierarchs from the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church will be present in Arad. Sunday, 18th of September, the day marking the anniversary of the passing into eternity – as martyr - o...


Theological symposiums hosted by „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad


Doctoral and MA students from the Faculties of Theology under the Romanian Patriarchy will join the 7th edition of the International symposium of doctoral schools hosted by AVU`s “Ilarion V. Felea” Fa...


AVU Theological debates


PhD students from various Faculties of Theology under the Romanian Patriarchate will meet in Arad, during the 7th edition of the International Doctoral School Symposium hosted by AVU`s „Ilarion V. Fel...


Ramona Lile „This project will create research opportunities for our university”


A project amounting to almost 18.000.000 RON, Digitalizarea UAV-Universitatea 5.0, has been awarded to „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad; the project is part of the competition launched through the Re...


„Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad within the first 30 national universities in the Webometrics ranking


The Webometrics ranking published by Cybermetrics Lab, a research group under the Spanish National Research Council, places Arad`s public university on the 30th place amongst over 100 national insti...


Ramona Lile „A new university application session starts at AVU”


A second application session for AVU faculty places will take place during 1-11 September. The university`s educational offer affords 34 undergraduate and 32 MA level programmes amongst the 9 existing...


Ghioroc DJs night


The longest night ahead for Ghioroc Summer Fest! It will be a night set ablaze by electro and house music. Free access for all!!! Take your friends and join us! DJ Sava, Toby Romeo, Manuel Riva, Mari...


„Aurel Vlaicu” University closer to you!


This summer you can lodge your application for Aurel Vlaicu University right in your hometown. Mobile enrolment centers in Arad County as well as Timisoara, Deva and Caransebes are ready to receive th...


Ramona Lile „The first university application session starts on July the 1st”


Arad`s public university is getting ready for the first application session. As before, the enrolment centre will be located in the Radu Homescu Building, Bdul Revolutiei no. 72 (The ex- National Bank...


Ramona Lile „ Ghioroc Summer Fest is on!”


The grand opening of the XIth edition of the popular Ghioroc Summer Fest will take place on Sunday, the 26th June, starting 4 pm. A memorable event readied down to the last details by its organizers: ...


International symposium and the Council of Deans from the Romanian Patriarchate in Arad


AVU`s „Ilarion V. Felea” Faculty of Orthodox Theology will host new events dedicated to the bicentennial during the 14-16 of June 2022 time period. The first event will take place under the name: Th...


AVU`s Faculty of Orthodox Theology in partnership with the Romanian Academy


Aurel Vlaicu University`s „Ilarion Felea” Faculty of Orthodox Theology will host the “History, culture and spirituality during the XIX and XXst centuries. The Romanian Academy and Arad`s theological m...


Do you like table tennis? Join AVU`s tournament.


Come join other sport lovers in the Webasto-AVU table tennis Cup. It`s an open amateur competition hosted in AVU`s Sports Hall between 4-5 of May, starting 4 p.m. Who can join? Current or former AV...


Apply online for an ERASMUS study mobility programme!


If you want to spend your next semester studying in a foreign university, to experience student life abroad, to travel and make new friends, apply for an Erasmus programme here:


Business Exchange


LSUAV Arad will host a most stimulating project between the 4th-10th of April involving exchanges of experience across 4 cities. Business Exchange starts in Arad and carries on with 3 other studen...


AVU ranked 23 out of 93 universities


The National Metaranking of universities for 2021 has been made officially available. The Romanian higher education system operates 93 institutions of higher education, out of which 53 are public an...


Ramona Lile „Bishop Ioan Mețianu school a dream come true”


A new school opens its doors in Arad under the aegis of AVU and Arad Archdiocese. The bicentennial of local theology is celebrated by the opening of “Bishop Ioan Mețianu” School, established in Arad b...


AVU students and teaching staff members donate blood


Responding to the call of the local Transfusion Centre, AVU students, teaching and administrative staff members have donated blood: “We would like to help those in difficulty. We know that the medical...


An increasing number of AVU students opt for Chinese language courses


Over 100 AVU students have opted for free Chinese language and culture classes. The number is double compared to last academic year and could grow still since students have a few more days at their di...