Textile proiect

AVU partners with the TAPARO GROUP


“The textile industry is viable and has a real chance for development” declared yesterday PhD. Eng. Filip Ioan, owner of the TAPARO Group and one of the most important entrepreneurs in the field of textiles, within a meeting hosted by AVU. During the pandemic, the Techtex textile factory – part of the aforesaid group – became one of the largest makers of face masks after opening a dedicated production line. AVU`s Senate, represented by Vice- Rector Prof. PhD. Alexandru Popa, awarded Mr. Ioan with a Diploma of Excellence in the fight against Covid 19.

The company`s delegation visited AVU`s Faculty of Engineering with the aim of opening doorways towards developing an ample project for recycling textile waste. The project involves several domestic universities which aim to offer solutions targeted at developing ecological waste management solutions within a circular economy. “I have felt a very positive vibe here in ARAD, I have seen amenities of an exceptional quality and I believe that we`ll enjoy a fruitful future collaboration” added Filip Ioan.

An ambitious project joined by AVU through its Textile Engineering specialization – hosted by the Faculty of Engineering - which will open up new development opportunities within the industry. “I believe that the textile industry has a real chance of reasserting itself in other directions, namely developing technical textiles, medical textiles and solutions for recycling textile waste” commented Filip Ioan.

“We are happy to be part of this project and we do believe that the future of the textile industry is represented by its ability to adapt to new requirements, materials and ecological solutions that are able to protect nature and society alike. The TAPARO Group is one of the largest groups in the field and proof that the textile industry represents a business opportunity” declared Prof. PhD. Ionel Barbu from the Faculty of Engineering.

Moreover, AVU has signed a partnership with TAPARO targeted at research collaboration and student practicum opportunities.