Obtaining the Student Visa for Romania

If you have citizenship of a country outside the European Union and European Economic Area and wish to study in Romania, you must first register at the educational institution where you wish to study and be accepted by it.

Then, you have to obtain the long stay visa for studies from the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania in your country.

You can obtain the long-term visa for studies as a student, master student, doctoral candidate or under a student exchange program. The institution at which you will study can be public or private, on condition of being accredited according to law. The visa is also granted to foreigners accepted for studies based on international documents to which Romania is a party.

As a student, master student or PhD student, in order to obtain a long stay visa you must submit the following documents:

  • a valid travel document accepted by Romania, on which a visa can be affixed. The validity of the travel document must exceed the validity of the visa you apply for, by at least 3 months and must have been issued no later than 10 years ago;
  • two recent 3 x 4 coloured photos;
  • proof of acceptance for studies issued by the Ministry of National Education, showing that you will attend a full-time university program;
  • proof of payment of tuition fee for at least one year of study;
  • proof of means of support in amount of at least a minimum guaranteed gross salary, monthly, for the entire period specified in the visa;
  • criminal record certificate or other document with the same legal value;
  • travel medical insurance covering the entire duration of the period of stay, with a coverage of at least 30.000 EUR;
  • parental or guardian consent regarding the stay for study purposes in Romania, if you are underage;

Long stay visas must be requested at least two months before departure and are granted for a period of 90 days, with one or more entries.

The visa fee is in amount of 120 EUR or the equivalent in convertible currency.

For more information, please see Brief Guide – Lodging Study Visa Applications for Romania.