Our university has two student halls and a cafeteria situated on 2-4 Ursului Street in Arad.

Student hall no. 1 has 282 accommodation places divided in 4-bed rooms with common bathroom on each floor. There is also a kitchen and a laundry room with washing machine on each floor. Student hall no. 1 has a 24 h security guard as well as video surveillance.

Student hall no. 2 has a 180 accommodation places in total. The rooms are double rooms and have their own bathroom. There is also a reading room on each floor. Student hall no. 2 is equipped with a kitchen and laundry facilities, has video surveillance and the access is done by access card.

There is also a parking lot with about 80 parking places.

Students from both halls may have their meals at the students’ cafeteria nearby the two student halls. The accommodation fee includes 10 free meals; the rest of the meals must be paid for.

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