O seară magică la Palatul Cultural din Arad


Concertul tradițional de colinde al UAV a adus bucuria Crăciunului și vestea Nașterii Mântuitorului în sala Palatului Cultural. Au colindat cu bucurie arădenilor prezenți la evenimentul Facultății de...


UAV, parteneriat cu Universitatea Abdelmalek Essaâdi din Maroc


Universitatea „Aurel Vlaicu” din Arad a semnat un acord internațional cu Universitatea Abdelmalek Essaâdi (UAE) din Maroc. Semnarea parteneriatului a avut loc cu ocazia Workshop-ului International So...


Universitatea „Aurel Vlaicu” din Arad prezentă în Clasamentul Universităților Românești 2022


Asociația AD Astra a dat publicității clasamentul universităților din România. Din cele 97 de universități publice și private din România, doar 31 apar în Metarankingul Universitar 2022. Universitatea...


Ramona Lile „Prestigious researchers awarded AVU`s Doctor Honoris Causa title”


The event took place during the 10th edition of the AVU organized SOFA International Conference. Two renowned European researchers have become members of Aurel Vlaicu University`s academic community ...


Ramona Lile „AVU hosted forum to aid Republic of Moldova`s EU accession”


Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad has hosted the “Increasing the EU fund absorption rate by the Republic of Moldova” forum – 17/19 of November – that included over 70 representatives from Moldavian inst...


AVU International Forum – Increasing the EU fund absorption rate by the Republic of Moldova – EU candidate country


AVU International ForumIncreasing the EU fund absorption rate by the Republic of Moldova – EU candidate country „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad will host (17-19 of November) the International Fo...


Student Job Fair


Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad hosted on the 10th of November a student job fair, event targeted at AVU students. The event was attended by 30 companies that displayed their job offers to those int...


Ramona Lile „The Bicentennial concert, an exceptional cultural event”


A nigh full of excitement at the Cultural Palace with a substantial historical and patriotic weight behind it: the bicentennial concert organized by AVU`s “Ilarion V. Felea“ Faculty of Orthodox Theolo...


Ramona Lile: „The visit to Seoul increased AVU`s international visibility”


„Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad promoted its educational offer at the Seoul Educational Fair. Arad`s public university delegation comprised of the institution`s Rector, Ramona LILE, as well as vic...


„The challenge of Interculturality in Arad`s School” Chinese language could be studied by local mid and high school students


Arad hosted the second edition of the “The Challenge of Interculturality in Arad`s Schools” conference, organized by the local branch of Romanian-Chinese House with the aid of Arad`s City Hall, Arad`s...


Ramona Lile: „An important moment for AVU`s institutional development”


AVU`s new student dorm has been inaugurated in the presence of the minister of education, Mr. Sorin Campeanu, the minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, Mr. Cseke Attila, the direct...


AVU Academic event under UNESCO aegis


AVU`s „Ilarion V. Felea” Faculty of Theology will host between the 25-28 of September 2022 an international symposium in partnership with the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture Organiza...


Local theological celebrations


A council of hierarchs has performed the inaugural sermon for the Faculty of Theology`s chapel. Sunday, the 18th of September shall remain an important date in AVU`s „Ilarion V. Felea” Faculty of T...


Episcop Ioan Mețianu Primary School opened its doors for its first generation of students


Excitement, joy and lots of surprises for „Episcop Ioan Mețianu” Primary School`s first students; the institution has been inaugurated this year by „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad and Arad`s Archdio...


Inclusive digital interactive education at AVU


Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad will start a project for students on social scholarship. Totalling over 800.000 RON, the project aims to grant access to on-line education for its target group. 178 A...


Research project won by AVU


An idea that can generate a new perspective on meat products was the basis of the UEFISCDI project awarded to Assoc. Prof. PhD. Simona Perța-Crișan. The research activity will be conducted within th...


History in the making at AVU


The first female awarded a PHD in Pentecostal theology. AVU`s Interdisciplinary Doctoral school has just written a page of history! On celebrating a century of Pentecostal Christian Faith i...


AVU receives special guest


Prof. Marcel Cristian Voinea from the University of Orleans`s Faculty of Law, Economics and Management has delivered a lecture entitled “Introduction to virtual currencies”. It is the third workshop h...


Daniela Dodean Academy to open in AVU


Daniela Dodean table tennis Academy is set to open on the 5th of July in the presence of the champion. The event will take place in AVU`s Sports Hall, starting at 16.00. „Aurel Vlaicu” University of...


Am sărbătorit IA la UAV


A fost zi de sărbătoare la Facultatea de Științe Umaniste și Sociale! Ia românească a fost vedeta care a adus bucurie și culoare. Au sărbătorit-o cadrele didactice, studenții, copii de la Clubul Amaz...