AVU students gave away free face masks in ARAD`s market places


Over 300 masks have been distributed by AVU students in the city`s market places on Thursday morning. Manufactured in AVU`s Textile Engineering workshop - with the aid of students from the Faculty of Design-, the masks were offered to shoppers and vendors alike.

“Colleagues from AVU`s textile engineering and administrative departments have manufactured these masks for Arad`s residents. It is very important for everyone to contribute with everything they can in order to help protect our fellow people. I would like to thank my colleagues and everyone helping us out with donations, for their commitment, especially Vice-Rector Prof. PhD. Popa Alexandru, Prof. PhD. Barbu Ionel, the head of the administrative department, Ms. Reghina Galea as well as AVU Students` League members for their help in distributing the masks. AVU stands by Arad`s residents and is still involved in the fight against COVID-19”, declared AVU`s Rector, Prof. PhD. Ramona Lile. Mask manufacturing will continue and the products will be further distributed to the authorities.