Donatie spitalul ineu

AVU and ARAD`s Archiepiscopacy donation towards Ineu City Hospital


Ineu City Hospital has been presented with a mechanical ventilator for the COVID-19 Intensive Care Ward. The donation was made possible by AVU`s Association for Management and Research in Socio-Humanistic Sciences and Arad`s Archiepiscopacy. The device, worth over 56.000 RON, was acquired with the generous financial help of AVU teaching staff members, priests and regular citizens, who all contributed in order to help those involved in the fight against the coronavirus. “Our involvement, of those from Arad`s academic environment, in the fight against this pandemic is ongoing and we try to help frontline hospitals and authorities alike. As always, Arad`s Archiepiscopacy is a close partner in our local community support projects, more so now, when those who help us need to be helped” declared AVU`s Rector, Prof. PhD. Ramona LILE.