An increasing number of AVU students opt for Chinese language courses


Over 100 AVU students have opted for free Chinese language and culture classes. The number is double compared to last academic year and could grow still since students have a few more days at their disposal to enrol for the optional Chinese language course.

„Thew Confucius Institute is one of the most involved partners that AVU has. Along the years we have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration that has triggered, as we can see, a significant increase in students’ interest for Chinese civilisation” added AVU`s Rector, Ramona LILE.

Courses will take place online for the moment but soon as the epidemiologic situation allows, these will be resumed in a traditional format.

Teodor Cilan, Vice-Rector for International Relations, commented on the advantages of learning the language:

„It is an important opportunity for students to learn the language and I am happy that they have understood this. The private economic environment is constantly looking for individuals who can speak the language; moreover, there is an ever-increasing number of business partnerships with China and so language knowledge represents a substantial advantage on the labour market. We`d like to thank the Confucius Institute, our partners form Cluj, , for their professionalism throughout the years in organizing Chinese language and culture courses”.