Donare de sange

AVU supports leukemia patients


“Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad comes to the aid of leukemia patients that require urgent blood transfusions. As a result of the particular circumstances faced by the local blood transfusion center, several AVU employees have donated blood during the firth hours of the day “We have seen the blood transfusion center`s plead for blood donors. We couldn’t refuse and our colleagues have jumped to the rescue of those in need. It is not the first time when we do this and we shall repeat it as long as it`s needed” declared AVU`s Rector, Prof. PhD. Ramona LILE. During the last few days, the Arad Blood Transfusion Center has appealed the city`s residents to come and donate blood as a result of the current blood crisis that adversely affects leukemia patients.