Ramona LILE “AVU offers support to ARAD`s medical system”


Starting from today, the field hospital located in Expo Arad operates a disinfection gate designed and built by teaching staff members and students from the Faculty of Engineering. “It was our faculty`s initiative, accomplished with funding from the Association for Management and Research in Socio-Humanistic Sciences. It is an investment for the inhabitants of Arad, that we hope shall further aid the medical staff in the fight against COVID19. The disinfection gate operates in the ultraviolet spectrum and is compliant with all European medical standards” declared Prof. PhD. Dan Glavan, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.

“Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad was deeply involved in the fight against the coronavirus, by donating medical equipment and medical protective wear. The necessary funding has been donated to the Association for Management and Research in Socio-Humanistic Sciences by Arad’s inhabitants and the university`s teaching staff members who joined the local public university in aiding the authorities in this fight.

“I would like to congratulate my colleagues from the Faculty of Engineering for their initiative, for their efforts in completing this disinfection gate and we do hope that we`ll still be able to aid those who fight for our health and safety” declared Prof. PhD. Ramona Lile, AVU`s Rector.

Arad County Hospital`s interim manager, Ec. Florina Ionescu, the medical director, MD. Mircea Onel and the field hospital’s coordinator, MD. Cătălin Hreniuc have all expressed their gratitude towards the university for its support.