Ramona Lile „A special event for generous souls”


St. Martin Association, in partnership with Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad and the Europeanul Association, has organized an award ceremony dedicated to Arad`s most active social workers. The nominations have been submitted by NGO representatives, professional associations and institutions involved in social work.

„The moment to show gratitude to those involved in social care and who have sacrificed their time to provide assistance to those in need during the SarsCov2 epidemic has come. Social workers were among the ones who remained on duty call and we have all realized just how important this profession is for the community. I am glad to join St. Martin Association (the event organizers) as well as the Europeanul Association for this occasion in sign of acknowledgment and appreciation for everything that social work stands for within a community” declared AVU`s Rector, Ramona Lile.

The idea behind the event belongs to Șipoș Flavius, a social worker himself, and has been acted upon and furthered by St. Martin Association president, Boiț Aurelian.

The winners of the first edition were: Crina Schmidt -director of DAS Curtici, Laura Andres – Oaza Association, Oana Morcan - Eben Ezer Moldovan Association, Felicia Zilahi – Bunătatea Nursing Home, Stepan Raul - BNA Humanitas Zăbrani Fundation and Ciornel Emilian, social worker- Sintea Mare Townhall.