Ramona Lile: „A successful workshop for future teachers”


When education leaves the classroom, when traditional pedagogical methods are no longer applied, when information is passed on via games then we talk about outdoor education. Efficient and enjoyed by children, this type of education can be successfully applied within the framework of a classic educational system.

„Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, via its faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Work, in collaboration with schools from Arad and Timis County, supports the introduction of these methods in preuniversity education. The series of seminars that already took place in several schools have met great success within the ranks of pupils and teachers alike. The results and the importance of outdoor specific education methods have been conveyed to the students (and also future teachers) enrolled with Colegiul Național Preparandia Dimitrie Țichindeal of Arad. Accompanied by vice director Chițu Larisa, students took part in the training programme dedicated to future teachers, students and pupils, hosted by AVU. Senior students specializing in Primary and Preschool Pedagogy joined the event under the guidance of Dean Roman Alina Felicia and univ. assist. PhD. Torkos Henrietta. “The event was successful, fact that proves the interest for implementing outdoor specific pedagogical methods. The participation of Arad`s prestigious school has been welcomed and once more reconfirmed that the relationship between the university and preuniversity environments is constructive and beneficial for Arad`s educational system” declared AVU`s Rector, Ramona LILE.

The event also hosted a poster, picture and educational movie exhibition that covered the entire duration of the event.