Afis proiect FIATPM

Ramona Lile „A project about wines and their secrets”


A volunteering-based project with no dedicated budget accomplished solely through the passion invested by students and teaching staff members in this wonderful world of Spanish and Romanian wines. AVU, through its Faculty of Food engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection, in cooperation with” Miguel de Cervantes” Valladolid, European University (Spain) has partaken in a 5 week long online project about wines, wine regions and wine making related techniques.

„A virtual experience that brought together students form 2 countries. It has been a project that successfully allowed for an exchange of experiences in the field of specialized knowledge, intercultural communication as well as work team management. A project that prompted the development of digital competencies and the exercising of linguistic ones. It has been a very successful collaboration with the Spanish university which we`ll surely try to build upon in future projects” added AVU`s Rector, Ramona LILE.

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