DHC 0056

Event hosted by „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad


During a special ceremony hosted on Friday, AVU`s academic community conferred Ms. Aniela Mladin, CEO of Guala Pack Romania, the high academic distinction of Doctor Honoris Causa Beneficiorum Publicorum.

The event was attended by Iustin Cionca, president of the County Council, members of the academic community, local MPs, various mayors as well as friends of Ms. Mladin.

„The distinction conferred to Ms. Aniela Mladin, is an expression of the academic community`s support for projects and social initiatives designed to profit the community. In our view each individual that puts the community`s wellbeing above personal profit, who invests time, energy and resources to build something better for the rest, deserves the academic community`s appreciation and acknowledgement” added AVU`s Rector, Ramona LILE.

Aniela Mladin, a top local manager, has a long track record of active involvement in social and volunteering projects. A leader in good deeds, she has achieved numerous notable results: the renovation of numerous educational spaces, the renovation of the infectious diseases compartment within Arad County Hospital, rehabilitation of two Pediatrics departments, the maternity ward`s neonatology section in addition to the support offered in numerous cultural and sporting events.