AVU`s team best in contest!


The first and second prize were awarded to Sechereș Bogdan-Constantin and Bujor Florin-Viorel, both AVU MEng engineering students, specializing in Industrial Systems Production. The results were achieved during the International Student Session of Scientific Communications hosted by the Maritime University of Constanta. Their contributions were deemed best in contest; “Design and implementation of robotic end effectors for body in white assembly” won first place while “Step by step fixture design for a car hatch subassembly”, was awarded second position.

„A team that certainly deserves congratulations. The awards prove once more that Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad provides excellent training for students and future engineers alike. And when the teacher`s work is furthered on by students, results and rewards do not fail to appear” declared AVU`s Rector, Ramona LILE.