Ramona Lile “Modern access system for Arad`s public university”


A modern access system that brings added security for both students and employees has been implemented throughout all AVU buildings starting this year. The system affords access to all educational spaces as well as the online educational platform. In practice each student will be able to access information and documents based on a card with a unique QR code that also enables seminar and lab attendance monitoring.

Each student shall receive a card with an upfront warranty payment of 50 RON which will be refunded upon the completion of studies and the handing back of said card. Students who have enrolled for several study programmes must file a request with one of the relevant faculties` secretariat, mentioning the study programmes they have enrolled to and requesting the warranty payment for only one card.

“It is a modern system already in use throughout several domestic universities. It confers more safety for students and staff alike by limiting the access of foreign people in the university`s buildings, grants easier access to educational documents and, what is most important now, allows for a better and more efficient epidemic investigation if need be” added AVU`s rector, Prof. PhD. Ramona LIILE.

At the moment, the public state university from ARAD runs a hybrid teaching - evaluation system (online courses whereas seminars and labs are conducted in the traditional manner).