• Gabriela Kelemen „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad


professionalism, competence, performance, quality


The study approaches the issue of high quality training of students
who will become teachers. The policy of our faculty is oriented
towards the implementation of the most adequate strategies to
increase the quality of future teachers` training. Emphasis is placed
on responsibility, efficiency, performance and value found in
personal and social success. Our effort focuses on delivering
constantly updated and improved study programmes. However, this
would not be enough without the students` full engagement in their
professional training by involving themselves in training along with
thorough work. The 21st century calls for high quality teacher
training given the competitiveness on the labour market and the
progress of scientific conquests in all areas. It is necessary to
consider and implement a curriculum that develops excellent
competences in our students. It should bring a significant
contribution to efficient training of future teachers in theoreticalscientific,
methodological and practical terms so that teachers would
be able to use their competences in a creative manner in the
classroom. They should be taught to blend teaching with the students`
needs. The performing competences result in students` positive
learning results.


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