• Rodica Mariana NICULESCU Transilvania University of BraÈ™ov, Romania


educational policy, strategy and educational strategy, educational/ pedagogical strategy and didactic/ teaching strategy, strategic planning, implementation


The paper is in line with the author's preoccupations for substantiating some theoretical aspects without which the practical activity in the educational field cannot reach real qualitative odds.

This time, the approached concepts represent the milestones of the journey from the desire (planed educational process) to the realization (the real results of the educational process).

In the first part, a definition of fundamental concepts related to planning/organization and monitoring on different levels of the educational system and process (the strategy with its different connotations, tactics, strategic plan, and implementation) is attempted.

The role and importance of the strategic level in the educational reform and curriculum reform are briefly presented in the second part. The relationship between the strategic plan, the tactical/operational one, and the actual implementation is dealt with in the third part, with the emphasis of some considerations with the nuances of conclusions of long-lasting observations on the educational reality.

The importance of knowing these theoretical aspects, so that practice does not pay a bitter price for not genuinely focusing on what it declares as a priority, is highlighted in the paper.

In a world where the statements seem to be more important than the reality this kind of approach is seen as a necessity.

Author Biography

Rodica Mariana NICULESCU, Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania

Department of Psychology and Education


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