• Liliana Ezechil Ph.D.3 University of Pitesti, Romania
  • PetruÅ£a Coman PhD PiteÅŸti University


The paper presents the partial results of a research made at the level of the Department for Teachers’ Training (DDPD) within the University of Piteºti, named Quality in Educational Mentoring [CAMED], the 2007 competition, theme no. 3, code 1157, manager: Ph.D. teacher Liliana Ezechil. The project was accredited and financially supported by CNCSIS.
This paper presents essential aspects related to the optimization of pedagogical practice activities as a result of the introduction of mentoring teachers in a continuous training program prepared on well-substantiated bases from a scientific point of view.

Author Biography

Liliana Ezechil, Ph.D.3 University of Pitesti, Romania



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