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Call for Paper

The purpose of the Agora Psycho-Pragmatica is to report newinsight    and    foster    critical    debate    about    the    role that education plays  in development.Aspects  of development with which the journal is concerned include quality in education growth and analphabets reduction; human development, well being, the availability of human rights; democracy, social cohesion and peace-building; resilience and environmental sustainability; Journal Plus Education  reports  research  on  topics  that are of international significance across educational contexts

  •  Agora Psycho-Pragmatica   publish   high   quality manuscripts that are of international significance in terms of design and/or findings
  •  Agora Psycho-Pragmatica encourage collaboration by international teams of researchers to create special issues on these topics

APP welcomes and acknowledges  high quality theoretical and empirical original research papers, case studies, review papers, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework,  analytical  and  simulation  models,  technical note from researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students from all over the world.

The Journal Publishes in online version.

Frequency: 2 issue/year

Date of Publishing:

APP is inviting papers for publication 

Acceptance Notification: within 5-7 days from the date of manuscript submission

Submission deadline:

- for no.1,  next volume of current year until 1th of February for which is scheduled to be published on May 1th.

- and for no. 2, next volume  of the current year until 1th of August,  which is scheduled  to be published on November 1th.

Send your manuscript to the editor at:


With Warm Regards, Chief Editor

Sonia Ignat, Ph.D.