Why social media context awareness represents a future crucial concept in digital wellbeing



In order to exchange knowledge and make links, billions of people around the world use social media. Social networking helps users to engage with friends and family on a personal basis, learn new knowledge, grow new passions, and be amused. One may use social media at a personal level to extend experience in a specific area and develop their professional network by interacting with other professionals. One's digital presence will make or break anyone in today's information age; it can be the determining factor as to whether or not one meets one's life-long aspirations. Unethical activity and social media posts may have far-reaching effects, both professionally and personally. Posting on the Internet means the "never forgetting," so it is important to use this medium responsibly. The social media context awareness competence refers to a new emerging skill regarding the trust load we give to a specific digital context we come in contact with when surfing the internet. Since it is an emerging competence, it cannot be understood as standalone. If the digital context would not be available, we would not develop such a competence. Being a competence, it must be defined by three core elements: knowledge, skills, and attitudes, just as we operationalized the competence of social media context awareness in terms of: Social media literacy, social media communication process understanding, social media content impact awareness, and social media confidence. The key finding of this analysis is that awareness of the context of social media is an evolving digital skill that can be empirically evaluated and then taught to individuals for a sustainable understanding of the socio-digital world who have not acquired this critical skill.



Author Biography

Dana RAD, Aurel Vlaicu University Arad

Dana Rad, PhD. is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Sciences at Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania.