• Vinicius Barroso Hirota Department of Physical Education – Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo
  • Denis Victor Diniz Department of Physical Education – Nossa Cidade College,São Paulo
  • Marcel Rodrigo da Silva Department of Physical Education – Nossa Cidade College,São Paulo
  • Rafael Oliveira de Lima Department of Physical Education – Nossa Cidade College,São Paulo


This study aims to identify the level stress pre-competitive for young
athletes who participate in school sports competitions. By a
descriptive research, the sample established for convenience, with
a total of 207 participants (n:207) of both genders, aged between
14-18 years (average of 15.89±0.78 years), 85 was boys (average
of 15.87±0.86 years) and 122 was girls (average of 15.90±0.72
years) all from the City of Carapicuíba’s – São Paulo, Brazil; the
instrument used was the LSSCPI. The results shows no significant
difference between genders, boys with 2.65±1.21 of stress average
and girls with 2.67±1.34. We conclude that the scale has shown
good performance on its stability and reliability, and that the average
stress is moderate in both genders.


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