Study on the improvements of body composition indices in adult women by means of aerobic gymnastics


  • Vlad Adrian Geanta Faculty of Science, Physical Education and Informatics
  • Carmen Magdalena Camenidis


fitness, aerobic gymnastics, adult women, physical activity, wellbeing


Introduction: Fitness in relation to health is a contemporary topic, which is topical due to the diversity of
methods and programmes to support and improve health and is increasingly being addressed by the sports
and medical scientific community. Regular physical activity and exercise are the actuators of our whole
body's well-being, both somatic, functional, and cognitive. Purpose: Through this article, we wish to
highlight the use of a personalized aerobic fitness program conducted collectively that can generate
significant results based on transforming the perception of how participants look and feel good in their
own bodies. Materials & Methods: The research sample consisted of nineteen young adult female
subjects (N=19, age = 35,4 ± 5,02 years, Weight(i) 66,7 ± 12,61 kg, Height= 166 ± 6,69 cm) clients of a
fitness center. They trained following a personalized program of an aerobic fitness class for 4 weeks, with
a frequency of 2 workouts per week. The results indicate a significant improvement in the somatic
parameters of the research participants, but in order to maintain the results obtained, physical activity
should be continued after the end of the research. Conlusions: Within the limits of our study, we conclude
that significant changes in body composition indices can be produced in adult women by performing an
exercise routine under systematic and continuous conditions.

Author Biography

Carmen Magdalena Camenidis

Doctoral School of Sports Science and Physical Education