The Impact of Physical Exercise on Motor Education to Pupils


  • Arben Bozaxhiu
  • Natasha Dako
  • Elton Bano
  • Edison Ikonomi Sport Department, Science Movement Faculty Sport University Tirana
  • Artan Agalliu


motor skills, movement, recreational needs, pupils, amplitude.


Introduction: Physical exercise, as an application of body exercises, is an adapted process,
which during the application of movement activities causes changes in human abilities, from the
initial ones to the desired ones. Physical exercise is an adapted, thought-out and organized
process with the application of certain exercises and methods, which cause changes in the
exerciser's physical condition. The purpose of this paper review is to analyze the literature and
understand every movement or every physical activity that in a correct and harmonious manner
with legalities, is carried out for the achievement of concrete actions of physical education. In
fact, it has an important impact on physical exercise is: - creation of certain skills and habits; -
development and improvement of movement and functional skills; - satisfaction of personality
needs (creative, recreational and human needs, entertainment needs). Methodology: In order to
fulfill this review are using methods of literature analysis, and is made combination and
comparison of data from various works of authors varied. To successfully realize this review
paper we studied and analyzed the contemporary scientific literature. The methods used are:
literature analysis, physical activity and recommendations. Recommendations: In the literature
used, one can clearly see the importance of understanding that, the higher quality level of pupil
movement culture, the higher level of mastery of teaching tasks and the higher level of movement
skills education.

Author Biographies

Arben Bozaxhiu

Sport University Tirana Albania

Natasha Dako

Department Individual Sports

Elton Bano

Department Individual Sports

Artan Agalliu

Professional College of Police Training