Possibilities for optimizing physical training for children through the pilot program: Judo in school from rural areas


  • Mihai Kunszabo


Purpose. The main purpose of the research is to highlight the effects in terms
of physical training of an experimental program applied to students aged
8-10, through the hours of physical education with selected content from
judo. Methods. A number of 24 male subjects, students of Ghioroc Secondary
School were tested. For the statistical interpretation of the research results
we used in the comparison of the research groups (control and Experimental)
the Independent Sample t Test, arithmetic mean, standard deviation and statistical
significance through the statistical program IBM SPSS ver. 23, both
at the level of the initial test and at the level of the final test. Results. From
the statistical interpretation of the research results we can draw the following
conclusions: at the beginning of the experiment the two research groups
present average values without statistically significant differences (p> 0.05)
at all test samples and at the end of the experiment, the two research groups
show significant statistic differences in all test samples as follows: p <0.05
in test samples: long jump from the spot; respectively p <0.001 at the shuttle
test, trunk lifts, push-ups and knee bends. Conclusions. The experimental
hypothesis was confirmed, the results obtained supporting this. At the level
of the initial test, the research groups presented similar values, the results of
comparing the average values highlighting the lack of significant differences
(p> 0.05) in all test samples. Based on the data collected at the end of the
experiment, it was found that the total physical capacity of the subjects was
significantly improved at the thresholds of statistical significance of p <0.05 and p <0.001, demonstrating the superiority of the application of judo sports
content compared to classic content, for 1 school year, at the physical education
classes of 8-10 year old students from rural areas.

Author Biography

Mihai Kunszabo

“Children’s Palace” Arad