Movement Games, Relay Races And Application Paths - Means of Training in School Physical Education


  • Rodica Lucian
  • Viorel Bitang


Introduction: In order to achieve high efficiency, efficiency in preparing students
for life, it is necessary to address the issue in terms of methods and
techniques appropriate to achieving the objectives, assessment methods (attractive
and interesting), the efficiency of the use of devices and materials.
Purpose: Using in the experiment described in the paper permanently motion
games, relay races, application paths, I wanted to check their effectiveness
and confirm the hypothesis that the method I chose to improve the manifestation
of motor skills and level of motor skills is higher compared to two tests,
and the methods used were correctly chosen and applied. Methodology: I
highlighted the means of school physical education provided in the training
program, and in them I presented aspects specific to the three means targeted
in the experiment: movement games, relay races and application paths, which
we also described in detail, also visually, through kinograms. I considered a
special aspect, the one related to the cooperation between teachers and students
in the school training process, without which the physical education
lesson cannot achieve its objectives . Results: The results materialized in the
level of preparation of the students and the progress registered in the experiment
period show that, through the use of complex exercises, the activation
of the students on the basis of awareness was achieved and their motor and
spiritual forces were mobilized. Conclusion: the hypothesis I started from
was that by systematically using the chosen means, they will make progress
in the tests administered in the experiment.

Author Biographies

Rodica Lucian

Vinga Technological High School/ Arad County School Inspectorate

Viorel Bitang

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad