Importance of Physical Activity in Children’s Mental Health


  • Edison Ikonomi Science Movement Faculty,Sport University Tirana


Introduction: Mental health is an important component of children’s health
that affects almost every aspect of their lives. One in five children in the
world experiences varying degrees of mental health disorders and the burden
of morbidity and mortality from these causes is increasing. For these reasons,
the mental health status of children poses a serious concern for health and the
health system in general. The purpose of this paper review is to analyze literature
of mental health as an important part of a child’s overall health. In fact
it has a significant impact on physical health as well as on children’s ability
to be successful in school, work and society. Mental health as well as physical
health affects the way an individual thinks, feels and acts. Methodology:
In order to fulfill this review are using methods of literature analysis, and is
made combination and comparison of data from various works of authors
varied. To successfully realize this review paper we studied and analyzed the
contemporary scientific literature. The methods used are: literature analysis,
physical activity mental health and recommendations. Recommendations:
all the literature used can be clearly seen the importance of understanding
mental health support is essential for addressing the phenomenon and its associated
consequences, including, appropriate parental communication, mental
health promotion, physical activity as well as specialized psychologist
assistance and medical assistance.

Author Biography

Edison Ikonomi, Science Movement Faculty,Sport University Tirana

Sport Department