Contributions to the Technical Training of Handball Players Specialized in the Wing Post


  • Andrei Răzvan Bernicu
  • Mihăilă Ion University of Pitesti
  • Mihăilescu Nicolae University of Pitesti


game, performance, methods.


Aim: The level of performance achieved at the current stage, both internationally
and internally, is very high and can only be achieved by players
whose performance capability is particularly high and steadily increasing.
The field of game technology has expanded a lot. Increasing the spectacularity
of this game, coupled with its spread across the continents, has had
repercussions on the organization of handball at junior level. New methods
have emerged, which performance players perform with high craftsmanship,
doubled by special physical qualities. Methodology : the experiment took
place between September 2016- Juin 2017, in the city of Suceava, with 3
players specialized on the wing position from the under 18 team Suceava
Sports High School. During this period the team maintained its regular training
program, the wings following our proposed program to analyze its effect
on improving the tracking parameters. We estimate that using efficient means
of action and adapting them to the post of the wing player will increase the
performance of the game and individual value to handball players specializing
in the wing. Results: the mean results recorded at the technical level,
show good differences between initial test (IT) and final test (FT): - dribling
among the rounds: IT= 6,21±0,009 sec., and FT= 5,80±0,02 sec.; - passing in
two out of the way: IT= 5,16±0,005 sec., and FT= 4,80±0,01 sec.; - triangle
shift, gate throw: IT= 12,48±0,01 and FT= 12,0±0,01, show a breakthrough
in all the sustained samples and the statistical analysis demonstrates a homogeneity
of the research group. Given the importance of the “wing†role in organizing and directing the field play in this paper, I presented the tasks
in the post, determined by the action areas and the contribution in the attack
phases. Conclusions: we can assert that the hypothesis from which I left
is confirmed and the purposes of the work have been achieved. I think the
study has achieved its goal by showing: optimization of the training, due to
the selected means of action, the fulfillment of the tasks of the wings in the
post, resulting from the registration of the actions in the attack, as well as the
efficiency in their areas of action, as revealed by the research.

Author Biography

Andrei Răzvan Bernicu

Sports High School Suceava


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