The Use of Aerobic Gymnastics as the Means of Realizing the Objectives of School Physical Education Specific to High School Education

  • Georgeta Lucia Piscoi
  • Corina Ramona Dulceanu


Introduction. Aerobic gymnastics has a great influence on the locomotor
system because the exercises used play an important role in shaping the shape
and structure of our body, especially on the component parts of the locomotor
system: bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Methods. The use of the means and methods of aerobic gymnastics in the
physical education lessons of the school will lead to the achievement of
some goals of physical education and sport specific to education. Results.
It was assumed that conducting physical education activities within the student
training system, with the dominant application of the aerobic means,
will allow to increase the influence of the instructional-educational process
on the training of the necessary motor skills and experience, as well as the
formation of the movement need. Some of the results obtained are: Pushups:
EG/Ti = 6,3±1,63 and EG/Tf = 8,8±1,13 while CG/Ti = 5,3±1,88 and
CG/Tf = 6,3±1,63; Abd.flexion: EG/Ti = 12±1,41 and EG/Tf = 14±1,5
while CG/Ti = 11±2,05 and CG/Tf = 11,6±2,01; Runing resistance: EG/Ti
=4,39±0,07 and EG/Tf =3,85±0,43 while CG/Ti = 4,38±0,1 and CG/Tf =
4,35±0,08. Conclusions. The hypothesis works to confirm, this allows us
to affirm that it is possible for aerobic gymnastics and to contribute to the
achievement of the proposed goals and to create the physical conditions for
the students by increasing significant manifestation to provide their motor
and psychomotor skills.

Author Biographies

Georgeta Lucia Piscoi

„Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad

Corina Ramona Dulceanu

„Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad