• Alina MÄ‚RGÄ‚RIÈšOIU Educational Sciences Department, Petroleum-Gas University of PloieÈ™ti


Special Educational Needs, label, inclusive school


The purpose of this paper is to highlight that some parents and teachers tend to denigrate children with special educational needs (S.E.N.), because most of them think only of children with deficiencies. They can neglect the positive aspects of children with S.E.N. because they are ‘blinded’ by the negative ones: limitations, incapacities, deficiencies children may have, etc. Also, the discussions during inspections and the micro research conducted as part of the thesis for obtaining the first level of teacher certification, reveals that some teachers and parents use S.E.N. concept as a label. Unfortunately, the S.E.N. label was expanded from child to teacher and then to the school as a whole.


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