Reliability and validity of a translated MUSIC inventory in a small sample



  • Cornel Victor IGNA Universitatea 1 Decembrie 1918 Alba iulia


MUSIC inventory, reliability, validity


The present study sought to investigate the MUSIC inventory reliability and structure validity. Previous research developed on various samples indicated that the instrument proved to be an instrument with good or excellent Cronbach’s Alpha values for each scale and despite some higher correlation between these scales, its structure validity was considered acceptable.

Considering these good results, the MUSIC inventory, due to its length (only 26 items) and simple way to get answers can be a useful instrument in any quantitative research preoccupied to determine motivational aspects in an academic setting. Because of these previous findings, MUSIC inventory was considered an instrument that could be translated and tested on a Romanian sample. The hypothesis was that the students' perceptions measured using MUSIC inventory would prove the reliability and construct validity of the translated version. The sample of this study consisted of a voluntary group of 28 students who studied the Psychology of education in the first year of the psycho-pedagogical module, from several specializations. The study had a cross-sectional design. The search of results for this study was accomplished through various types of statistical analyses: reliability analysis (Cronbach’s Alpha), factor analysis and correlation analysis. Interpretation of results from this study suggested that the hypothesis of the study was only partially confirmed, reliability was proved by  Cronbach Alpha coefficients are excellent (above 0.9 ) for Usefulness and  Interest  scales and good (between 0.7-0.9) for the remaining three scales, but, on the other hand,  construct validity of the inventory was not confirmed by the results obtained in the present study.

Author Biography

Cornel Victor IGNA, Universitatea 1 Decembrie 1918 Alba iulia

University December 1st 1918, Alba Iulia