• Ugo Okolie Delta state university, abraka, Nigeria
  • Akpesiri Faith ETANEKI


student, unrest, causes, control, tertiary educational institutions


Abstract: Incessant closure of schools for months in the wake of students’ unrest has become a regular feature of tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria. This study therefore sought to explore factors and control of students’ unrest in tertiary educational institutions in Delta State. A descriptive method was adopted and data was collected via a survey of 750 respondents comprises of students, academic and non-academic staff in five tertiary educational institutions in Delta State. Data analysis was performed using percentages, means, correlation analysis and t-test. Findings indicated that increase in tuition fees, dissatisfaction over academic programmes, poor leadership and cult activities were the major factors influencing students unrest whilst effective communication, stable and moderate tuition fees, students’ involvement in decision-making and effective leadership behaviour were perceived as the major control measures to curb students’ unrest. Besides establishment of functional professional counseling units in all tertiary educational institutions in Delta State, involving students in decision-making particularly on issues that border on their welfare and academic programmes, it was also recommended that authorities of educational institutions should as much as possible observe transparency in their dealings with students, be proactive and listen to students’ complaints.

Author Biography

Akpesiri Faith ETANEKI

Department of Social Science Education
Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria


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