Centru de Consiliere și Orientare în Carieră

Centrul de Consiliere şi Orientare în Carieră

Bulevardul Revoluţiei, Nr. 77 (Corp D)
Adresa Rectorat


  • +4 0257 211 218
  • +4 0257 280 702 int. 4104

Fax: +4 0257 280 070


Vasile Blidar

Bd. Revoluţiei,numarul 77, camera 8, 310130, Arad

Telefon: +40-257-211218

E-mail: vasile.blidar@uav.ro


    What is the Center for Counseling and Career Guidance?

    The Center for Counseling and Career Guidance is a department within Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad that aids students` and graduates` labor market integration.

    During the last few years, the labor market has been through a permanent readjustment process. Yet, labor market shifts can become an opportunity for students who are just starting their careers. With the aid of a thorough preparation process and a convincing C.V. that highlights the applicant`s qualities, students can find their dream job. Also, those in search for a job can benefit from free counseling in finding a suitable company.

    As a young student, information pertaining to various companies and their profile are rather hard to access. By paying a visit to the Center for Counseling and Career Guidance one can obtain relevant information about companies operating in the western part of the country. Additionally, besides having centralized data about most major companies, we can provide insight about the interview procedure, facilitate information visits and aid you in preparing for the process that could land you the job you want the most.

    Our collaborations with head hunting companies might present you with new opportunities in choosing a future career. Basically, the Center for Counseling and Career Guidance is the first step every AVU student should take in finding a job.

    How can the Center for Counseling and Career help you?

    Well, in short, CCOC can aid you to choose the most suitable company for your needs. Amongst the multitude of available job offers, CCOC can provide you with more information related to your perfect, starting out job.

    Our specialists can help you with your C.V., preparing for the interview and even offer counseling in choosing an occupation. It is well known that often the student`s vocation can vastly differ from their chosen field of study. Here we can help you merge the two into a job just for you!

    Within CCOC we afford the student direct contact with companies from the entire region. The department`s database is vastly greater compared to the average student`s; opportunities exist, take advantage!

    Why you should contact the Center for Counseling and Career

    When wanting to compare job offers, CCOC should be your first stop. Information about companies, our database with job openings and insight about the available positions are just a few elements you need in taking the right decision.

    When deciding on a job, you need to take into account how to obtain maximum result with minimal costs, and here we offer you advice just about that on top of providing you with professional counseling.

    The experience of those employed by the center can help you end up in the right place. Even if you already have a job, this doesn’t mean you shouldn`t expect more. Changing jobs might end up being a lot easier when you have all the necessary information about the company and the way they treat their employees. Additionally, changing jobs should also be about an income increase and CCOC can help you maximize your choice in such a situation.

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