Structural Investigation by Atomic Force Microscopy

  • Dana-Maria Copolovici RDI Institute in Natural and Technical Sciences of “Aurel Vlaicu” University Arad- Romania
  • Cecilia Sîrghie Institute of Technical and Natural Sciences Research-Development-Innovation of “Aurel Vlaicu” University


Nanotechnology is an emerging field of research that has been widely applied in different fundamental science and engineering areas. An example of a nano-based device is the atomic force microscope, which is a widely used surface scanning apparatus capable of reconstructing at a nanometric scale resolution the 3D morphology of a wide variety of samples. Therefore, due to its versatility, sensitivity and unique capability to reveal the nanoscale structure of the samples, atomic force microscopy (AFM) produced, in the last years, a vast increase of reports of its use to determine the topography, electric properties, nanomechanics and even nanomanipulations of various samples in the fields of materials science, chemistry, physics, biology, microbiology, medicine, engineering, food products, forensic, etc.


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