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Natural fibers were used as material in paper industry for centuries and then their use decayed. Currently, it is considered a new normal course to include natural fibres in the technology of production of paper as resource with high potential to be available in many countries, especially where the wood is not available. Paper sheets containing pulp from second category fibers, SCF, consisting of a mixture of bleached pulp of very short cotton fibers and chemical degumming hemp tow and respectively, from long wooden kraft, were attained. In the bleaching procedure of SCF was used peroxide delignification procedure, in the presence of a polyoxometalate (Na2H3PMo10V2O40) as oxidative reagent, in aqueous solution. Paper sheets containing bleached long wooden kraft were also obtained. Mechanical, optical, and surface characteristics (atomic force microscopy) analyses of these two types of paper sheets were determined to evaluate the possible application of the SCF to be used in paper industry.


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