• Daniela Carmen Popa Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu


In the context of a society where we are invaded with all kinds of advertisements and the century of rapidity in which everything is on the run, attention is very easily disturbed and everything must happen as quickly and efficiently. The study for the formation of the vocal culture besides the fact that it requires a lot of time is also very demanding. Conscious listening comes to the aid of the student, in order to conserve their energy and to make the most of every moment. When he is in a place and time when he cannot study, with the help of headphones or any audio device he can listen. By learning to listen to a musical creation, students learn how to decipher it, just like deciphering a reading. The purpose is to read, read with the musical hearing and to understand the musical pieces, so that they can interpret them correctly musically but also semantically. The present paper is a preamble to the research that aims to bring to our attention a new methodology that will guide teachers to a new methodology through which the voice can be cultivated through conscious listening.